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Watch Tenacious D On Letterman

May 15, 2012  |  2:55pm
Watch Tenacious D On <i>Letterman</i>

The tenacious duo of Tenacious D has returned.

Their long-awaited third studio LP Rize of the Fenix, which debuted today via Columbia, has taken Jack Black and Kyle Gass on the road for the summer months.

You can watch “Roadie,” a spoof-interview between Gass, Black and Danny McBride in which McBride plays Sebastian, the guy who auditions for an open call roadie position for Tenacious D, gets the job and has a subsequent track written and named after him.

Last night the funny men were on Letterman where they brought their “roadie” with them. Check out the performance and music video below.

Letterman – “Roadie”

Tenacious D – “Roadie”

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