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Watch Pyramid Attack Explain Their Beck-Inspired Designs in Sound Shapes

July 20, 2012  |  2:00pm
Watch Pyramid Attack Explain Their Beck-Inspired Designs in <i>Sound Shapes</i>

Queasy Games announced earlier this week that they’d be adding the sounds of indie rocker Beck to their quirky, creative title Sound Shapes. But for the musical platformer, it’s not enough to just feature unreleased tracks from the well-loved musician; they literally transformed his music from art to play. They’ve released a video that not only gives players a sneak peek at Beck’s songs and the gameplay, but also at the creative thinking behind the game.

“If you ever listen to a Beck song, it’s just layers and layers of sound,” said Steve Wilson, one of the Pyramid Attack visual artists working on the game. “We had to pull all that apart and just close our eyes and imagine what these sounds could actually look like embodied by a character.”

You can check out the video below. Sound Shapes is schedule for a release of Aug. 7 for both PS3 and the PlayStation Vita.

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