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Shia LaBeouf in Talks for Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac

August 9, 2012  |  11:45am
Shia LaBeouf in Talks for Lars Von Trier's <i>Nymphomaniac</i>

Shia LaBeouf has been full of surprises in recent months including (but not limited to) releasing an underground comic and starring nude in a music video for Sigur Ros’ “Fjögur Pianó.” Now it appears that LeBeouf will appear in Lars Von Trier’s upcoming erotic drama, Nymphomaniac. According to The Hollywood Reporter, LeBeouf is in talks with the Danish director to join the cast, which already has its female lead, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Nicole Kidman has been rumored to also play a small role.

Nymphomaniac follows the “erotic adventures” of a woman (Gainsbourg) throughout her life. It’s not known what LeBeouf’s role would be in the film.

The English language Nymphomaniac will be split into two films, and Von Trier will shoot a soft and a “more explicit” version of each. This will be Von Trier’s first film since his successful Melancholia, which was released last year.

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