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Amanda Palmer Recruiting Audience Members to Sing for Her at Paris Gig

She's lost her voice.

November 2, 2012  |  2:30pm

Remember that whole controversy about Amanda Palmer getting musicians to volunteer and play for free on her current tour? She’s since compensated those musicians, but in related news, Palmer is asking her fans via Twitter to help sing songs after becoming ill.


The show is still scheduled to take place soon in Paris at La Maroquinerie. Palmer explained in a series of tweets why she didn’t outright cancel the show:

“wow, fascinating watching people argue whether its moral to watch a sick artist on stage. also, no joke, canceling one single show…” Palmer tweeted. ”...would financially devastate an already devastated tour. canceling BLOWS for everyone. I’d rather get up there sick & improvise. WHY NOT.”

Palmer notably raised over a million dollars to produce and tour behind her new album, Theatre is Evil. It’s unclear whether Palmer will be able to sing at the show at all, stating that she’s got 20 percent of her voice back. You can see the whole thing unfold at her Twitter page.

A request for comment with Palmer’s publicist was not immediately returned.

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