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John Cusack to Star in Rush Limbaugh Biopic

November 5, 2012  |  11:30am
John Cusack to Star in Rush Limbaugh Biopic

Though he’s long been an outspoken defender of the left, John Cusack will reportedly star as Rush Limbaugh in a biopic about the polarizing conservative radio host. The film will be called, simply, Rush, and Cusack and director Betty Thomas (28 Days, I Spy, John Tucker Must Die) are currently putting the finishing touches on a script with hopes to begin shooting next year.

Betty Thomas also directed 1997’s Private Parts, which chronicled the rise of radio personality Howard Stern, who also stared in the film. Like Stern, Limbaugh has led a career filled with controversy, from his sometimes radical political views to his highly publicized addiction to prescription drugs.

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