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Lakeshore Entertainment Looking to Adapt Comic Book Series The Sword

February 6, 2013  |  3:00pm
Lakeshore Entertainment Looking to Adapt Comic Book Series <i>The Sword</i>

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lakeshore Entertainment has officially acquired the rights to the graphic novel series The Sword.

Written by famed comic book writers/artists Joshua and Jonathan Luna, The Sword tells the story of Dara Brighton, a teenage paraplegic whose family is massacred by a trio of superhuman beings capable of controlling the elements.

Beaten down and left for dead, Dara stumbles upon a mystical sword that restores her ability to walk and endows her with superhero strength, agility and healing. Enlisting the help of two friends, she ventures forth to find the three and exact her revenge.

Lakeshore is apparently looking to make this their next big franchise after the success of their Underworld series, which was also loosely adopted from a comic book series.

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