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Disney Already Working on Oz: The Great and Powerful Sequel

March 8, 2013  |  12:00pm
Disney Already Working on <i>Oz: The Great and Powerful</i> Sequel

The opening weekend box office reports aren’t even in for Oz: The Great and Powerful but Disney seems to have all the confidence. According to Variety, the company has already asked Mitchell Kapner, co-screenwriter for the film, to start penning a sequel.

According to the report, the studio tapped Kapner to begin work months ago.

Considering Oz: The Great and Powerful, which hit theaters today, is already a prequel of sorts, we don’t know what the plot of a sequel might entail. It seems some the actors from the original film could be on board. Both Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams told E! they would be open to a sequel. Williams did add, however, that her involvement would be dependent on Sam Raimi’s involvement as director.

Raimi told the publication a sequel is not currently on his schedule.

Whatever happens will be happening soon, though, as Disney is reportedly looking to get the sequel out as soon as possible.

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