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George Clooney Rumored To Work with Argo Journalist for Coronado High

April 26, 2013  |  1:45pm
George Clooney Rumored To Work with <i>Argo</i> Journalist for <i>Coronado High</i>

According to The Wrap, George Clooney is rumored to reteam with Joshuah Bearman for a project titled Coronado High. Clooney is expected to direct this film that is currently in talks to be picked up by Sony Pictures.

With an award-winning resume that includes Rolling Stone and This American Life, Bearman wrote the 2007 Wired article that inspired Argo. Also joined by producer Grant Heslov, the Oscar-winners’ next film will be another adaptation of a Bearman article that is not yet published. The Wrap reports that the story is about a group of teenagers that are used to smuggle drugs in resort community near the San Diego-area of the Mexican border. A screenwriter has not yet been announced.

Another one of Bearman’s articles titled “Art of Steel” is currently being translated for the big screen by Argo executive producer David Klawans. Continuing his domination of the cinematic world, Clooney is producing, directing and starring in the WWII heist drama The Monuments of Men, which he also co-wrote with Heslov. The film is set to be released on Dec. 18.

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