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Download This: YellingMom

An App That Forces You to Remember Tasks

May 28, 2013  |  10:00pm

“Download this” is a new series of articles in Paste’s technology section where we’ll highlight the most useful, well-designed, interesting and intuitive new apps. Some will make your life easier, some may give you an unhealthy new addiction and some might just blow your mind-but they’re all worth checking out.

Be forewarned: YellingMom is about productivity, not being nice. So if you have a pressing assignment or meeting tomorrow that you absolutely cannot miss, YellingMom, the latest to-do app to hit the iOS marketplace, just might do the trick. The app was designed by Jung Eui Sung, who is making his debut in the App Store by trying to recreate the benefits of having a nagging parent to keep you on track in a world filled with distractions.

The app’s gesture-based UI shares many similarities with apps like Mailbox and Clear. The majority of navigation is handled through swipes and gestures. A short swipe to the right completes an item, a long one places it on a user-defined list, while doing the same to the left stars that particular item to places it on hold (for if you are starting to get annoyed by the alarm).

New tasks are created with a quick downward swipe, at which point the user is greeted with a pleasant overlay of large icons that are used to set the specifics of the task. From here, a user can quickly set a reminder for the particular task by picking an option from the “Quick Reminders” menu, toggling a notification meant to catch the user’s attention every hour or three hours depending on what they choose.

2013-05-17 19.02.16.png

Set a quick reminder for every hour, turn up your volume settings, pick the most annoying reminder tone in the selection, and you’re guaranteed to find the motivation to work. You can turn on badges for yet completed tasks as well, making it harder to take your mind away from how much you have to do if the rooster calls issuing from your phone’s speakers every hour isn’t enough.

2013-05-17 19.03.37.png

As adults, we tend to forget how much we may have benefitted from a nagging parent keeping our noses in books, and YellingMom brings some of that Tiger Mom mentality to your work flow. It’s not for everyone, but what other app has the guts to call itself “YellingMom”?

Platform: iOS
Developer: Jung Eui Hyung
Price: $0.99 (on sale), $2.99 (original)
Download now: iTunes

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