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Watch the Absurd Trailer for David Lee Roth's Japanese Short Film

May 28, 2013  |  1:00pm

If we all played a guessing game as to what David Lee Roth has been up to in Japan, writing and starring in a short film in which he plays a milk-stealing Japanese hitman would probably be at the bottom of our list. But alas, the former Van Halen frontman has been doing just that.

Over the weekend, David Lee Roth released a trailer for his new short film, in which he plays a shirtless, back-tatted hitman with a penchant for chugging strawberry milk and churning out Pulp Fiction-esque one-liners.

Roth confronts three Japanese card players who accost the hitman in Japanese. For some reason they also throw fried chicken at him. Yes, it’s all as ridiculous as it sounds.

Watch the full trailer below in all of its absurd glory below:

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