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Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson Star in Rousing New JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound Video

June 24, 2013  |  5:30pm

JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound have just released a gem of a video for Howl’s latest single, “Rouse Yourself.” The deliciously funky band enlists the help of Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza and New Girl’s Jake Johnson for a standout video.

The video for “Rouse Yourself” finds Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson waking to the falsetto croons of JC Brooks. But when Plaza unexpectedly leaves, Johnson finds himself unable to reach her and is thrown into a fit of despair. But he does what any man would naturally do and goes into a testosterone-fueled fit of manly activities—you know, like playing with brass knuckles and attacking the singer of your favorite funk group.

The video was directed by the band’s guitarist Billy Bungeroth, alumni of Chicago’s Second City Improv group. With Jake Johnson also getting his start at Second City, one could only imagine how the two hooked up for this funktastic video.

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