New IBM Billboard Campaign Offers Help to City Dwellers

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IBM has teamed up with Ogilvy and Mather to spread the word on their People For Smarter Cities project with a billboard campaign that offers help to city dwellers.


The creative agency added a single curve or extension to each of the three billboards in the campaign that serve as a bench, ramp or shelter. They’ve given function and purpose to the advertisements, and as a result, hope to inspire and educate city dwellers.

The People For Smarter Cities project is committed to creating better cities around the world. The billboards encourage viewers to share their ideas about building and developing better cities via the campaign’s website.

The billboards are currently in Paris and London, but IBM intends to spread the campaign to more cities in the future. Until it reaches a city near you, you can watch their short video on the concept and execution of the campaign.



Via: Dezeen