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Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones Busy Writing Opera for 2014

June 10, 2013  |  12:50pm
Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones Busy Writing Opera for 2014

Good news for opera lovers, bad news for Led Zeppelin fans: bassist John Paul Jones made a 2014 reunion seem much less likely after discussing his latest musical endeavor.

According to the Guardian UK, Jones is busy adapting a 105-year-old Swedish play into an opera, leaving little time for anything else.

“2014 is full of opera for me at the moment,” he explained in a recent interview with Red Carpet TV News. He also revealed that he is “halfway through the first act.”

Jones’ opera is based on Spöksonaten (The Ghost Sonata) by August Strindberg, a macabre play involving ghosts, vampires and evil spirits.

Robert Plant said earlier this year that he has “nothing to do in 2014,” and that a Led Zeppelin reunion would be up to Jimmy Page and Jones. But while the frontman finally seems onboard with a full-fledged reunion — they played a one-off gig at London’s O2 Arena in 2007 — Jones currently has his hands full and says he can only “do little gigs that I don’t have to prepare too much for.”

Now look who’s too busy for a Led Zep reunion, eh Plant?

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