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Listen to The Polyphonic Spree's Jubilant New Song "Hold Yourself Up"

July 29, 2013  |  2:30pm

The Polyphonic Spree may have forgone releasing any original music since 2007, but from the sounds of it, the reawakened “psychphonic” band is still just as sprightly as ever.

Yes, It’s True is scheduled for an Aug. 6 release via Good Record Recordings, but fans can listen to another slice of the album right now with the upbeat pop track “Hold Yourself Up.” The song—implementing some zippy chimes and thumping drum beat all backed by a familiar choir—is truly Spree. If their samples are any indication, the Texas choral symphonic pop collective is holding up just fine.

“I was just collecting songs along the way until Julie [Doyle] said, you have enough to make a record here, you know?” lead singer Tim DeLaughter told Main Line Media News, describing the band’s next effort. “It’s like all these different snapshots that were going on in the last few years of the Polyphonic Spree. … That’s what’s cool about it. All these songs are kind of different from one another and yet they all seem to work.”

Listen to the band’s latest “snapshot” above, and revisit “You Don’t Know Me,” the title track from Yes, It’s True, here.

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