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Louis C.K. Chimes in on Woody Allen Collaboration

July 19, 2013  |  2:00pm
Louis C.K. Chimes in on Woody Allen Collaboration

Earlier this week, Woody Allen mentioned his interest in working on a film with Louis C.K. A few days have passed and the internet has regained its composure after collectively freaking out. Now Louis C.K. has spoken with the Times about his recent Emmy nods—and of course, he touched upon the potential film with Woody Allen.

“I had this three-day part [on Blue Jasmine] and I figured I’m a tourist on this movie,” Louis C.K. stated. “All I want is a little Woody moment to take home with me. It was so fun, and we had lunch, and I thought having lunch with him was my rewarding moment. And then after lunch, we shot one more scene and I got a big laugh on the set, and I thought, that’s my Woody moment. He had said, “I want to talk to you for a minute,” and I thought, what’s Woody going to ask me for? If he wanted to put me in another movie, he would just call my people. It wouldn’t go down like that. What’s the biggest thing I could hope for?”

As it turns out, the iconic writer/director was interested in working on a movie with C.K. “Could you do it next summer?” Allen asked, and Louis played it cool. It plays out like a scene in Louie gone horribly right.

As C.K. stated in his interview, “next summer” turned into this summer and Allen got caught up writing an upcoming film with Colin Firth and Emma Stone. Although the film has been put on the back burner, both stars are still eager about the possibility of sharing the screen together.

“Who knows if it’ll ever happen? It’s his artistic whim that determines that, but of course I’d love to do it. It would be really cool and fun, but it all starts in his head.”

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