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Dr. Dog Releases New B-Room Track "Broken Heart"

August 26, 2013  |  4:45pm

Philadelphia band Dr. Dog departs from its bluesy roots with the single “The Truth,” a new cut from B-Room, a full-length album that sets out to flirt with soul stylings. The album is set for an Oct. 1 release on ANTI- Records.

Dr. Dog has risen to prominence over the years with upbeat tracks that layer insightful lyrics over frenetic beats and psychedelic guitars. Tracks like “That Old Black Hole” and “Lonesome” on Dr. Dog’s 2012 album Be the Void showcase the band doing what it has always done well.

However, the band has publicly stated that B-Room is “in its purest form, a soul album.” The band overhauled much of its writing and recording process, constructing a new studio in what used to be a silversmith mill and recording most of the album in live takes.

Nowhere is this brave experimentation clearer than on “The Truth.” The track opens with a dreamy, xylophone-heavy prelude. For most of the ambling track Toby Leaman drawls the lyric “the truth don’t stop” between phrases like “thunder and lightning” and “the devil’s done.”

The band released “Broken Heart,” the second track off B-Room . The track again sees Leaman’s exploring repetition with lines like “freedom from love, freedom from heartache.”

Take a listen to the track above.

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