Watch David Blaine Test His Magic Trick on Kanye West, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Will Smith

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David Blaine had a 90-minute magic trick special on ABC last night titled Real or Magic, in which the magician did quite a few seemingly impossible and dangerous tricks in front of celebrities. Probably the most memorable trick was the one that required him to stab himself in the hand with an ice pick, because, you know, magic.

He demonstrated the magic trick to Will Smith, Kanye West, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston and Woody Harrelson, just to name a few. As you can probably imagine, all of them were startled. The magic trick even gave Harrelson a vanishing act of his own, when he bemoaned that he had “lost [his] erection entirely” after seeing the trick. You can see what effect Blaine’s magic has on you via the link above.