Zach Braff Gives Couple Great Wedding Present with Photobomb

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Earlier today, New York photographer Sascha Reinking tweeted out a photo from a recent wedding session he did for a newlywed couple from Germany.

While editing his photos from the shoot, Reinking noticed that none other than Zach Braff had photobombed one of his photos in Times Square. Reinking tweeted at Braff saying “@zachbraff Sir, I think you photobombed my newlywed couple the other day in New York. :) Well played…” Braff later tweeted the picture with the caption “This is one of my best photobombs ever.”

Wedding photos have a tendency to be unoriginal, cheesy and sometimes boring. Never mind that this couple was taking a photo in the middle of the street in Times Square. They now have one of the coolest wedding memories: getting to share the most important day of their new life with the entire internet.