Drunk Online Shoppers Tend To Buy Sexy Gifts…At Least In The UK

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Drunk Online Shoppers Tend To Buy Sexy Gifts…At Least In The UK

Results from the International Online Shopping Survey 2013 suggest that people who shop after drinking have, um, erratic purchase habits. According to the survey, 20% of shoppers admitted to having made purchases after having too much to drink, and regretted it afterwards. Drunk shoppers are more likely to overpay for products, order the wrong size of clothes, bid erratically on eBay, and completely forget about buying an item until it shows up on their doorstep.

Drunk shoppers are also more likely to buy sex aids, especially in the UK, where sex aids ranked as the number two overall purchase of drunk shoppers, after clothing.

In Russia and Germany, sex aids ranked way down the list of drunk purchases, after computer equipment, jewelry, phones, and books, which proves without a doubt that I would much rather hang out in the UK.

Paste wants you to exercise caution this Christmas season, particularly when choosing that Secret Santa present for your boss. It’s best to make that purchase stone-cold sober.

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