Jason Segel to Play David Foster Wallace in The End of the Tour

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Jason Segel to Play David Foster Wallace in <em>The End of the Tour</em>

There is a movie [#] that will start production soon.

#-Oh, right, well it’s this movie[##] about[###] a writer named David Foster Wallace who committed suicide in 2008 but was super postmodern and fairly iconic.[####]

##-If you care about who makes these things,> the movie will be directed by James Ponstodt (The Spectacular Now) from a script written by David Margulies.[^]

###-Well, technically, it’s also “about” David Lipsky,[^^] a Rolling Stone reporter who traveled with him on the tour for his massive novel Infinite Jest.[^^^]

####-In a book-y way, with all the limitations and qualifications that entails with respect to literature’s status in 21st century America.

^-Margulies adapted the script from Lipsky’s book Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace.[@]

@-It’s worth noting that this is a much more Wallace-ian title than The End of the Tour, which is what the movie will be called.

^^-I should have mentioned earlier that Lipsky will be played by Jesse Eisenberg.[%]

%-And of course, as the title of this post indicates, Jason Segel will play Foster Wallace.

^^^-This was just when DFW was starting to become famous, and his conversations with Lipsky involved that topic, plus professional jealousies, women and depression, with which Wallace struggled for years.

>-If you’re into the financial side of the equation, producers David Kanter and Matt DeRoss (Anonymous Content) and James Dahl (Modern Man Films) will inject cash until this baby gets moving.>>

>>-This baby will get moving in February or March.>>>

>>>-Those dates, like so much in our world, are tentative.

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