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Ozzy Osbourne Asks Brewery To Cease And Desist

March 27, 2014  |  10:38am
Ozzy Osbourne Asks Brewery To Cease And Desist

Ozzy Osbourne, former front man for Black Sabbath and pioneering stay at home dad from reality show The Osbournes, has asked Baltimore-based The Brewer’s Art to stop producing their Belgian strong pale ale, called Ozzy. According to the City Paper, Osbourne has sent the brewery a cease and desist letter, but the brewery is hopeful they can work out a solution.

The beer can features a hand-drawn fist with OZZY tattooed on the fingers (just like Ozzy Osbourne) and has bats, one of which is headless. Osbourne is famous for biting the head off of a bat during a concert in the ‘70s. But really, it was the ‘70s, and everyone was biting heads off of bats.

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