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Song Premiere: Rrest - "Untitled (Sandy)"

September 23, 2013  |  11:00am
Song Premiere: Rrest - "Untitled (Sandy)"

Atlanta’s Rrest, which consists of musicians Wes Ables and Andrew Teems, is nearing the release of their self-titled debut record. Darker topics and emotional lyrics give depth to an otherwise pop-sounding record, and frontman Ables says this duality in the songs happened naturally.

“We were just free with this record—we acted on spontaneous emotion,” said Ables in a recent statement. “It’s more of a feeling than anything intelligible or thought-out. We were trying to capture the urgency and newness of these songs, recording them as fast as we could, no matter how shitty the equipment.”

The band recorded this album at home, adding to the personal feeling of the tracks. Rrest is set for release on Oct. 8, but “Untitled (Sandy),” a track from the forthcoming release, can be streamed in the player below.

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