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Album Stream: Moon Taxi - Acoustic on West 56th

December 10, 2013  |  12:00pm
Album Stream: Moon Taxi - <i>Acoustic on West 56th</i>

Nashville band Moon Taxi has had another landmark year, appearing on bigger and bigger stages at events like Hangout Music Festival and following up 2012’s Cabaret with full-length Mountains Beaches Cities. Now, the band is set to release a six-song acoustic EP, timed just so that it almost seems like a Christmas gift for their ever-expanding fan base.

“We’ve always for the past couple years enjoyed playing acoustically, for videos or just for publications,” said guitarist Spencer Thomson, who mixed the new EP. “It’s something that we like doing, and something that our fans have started to like hearing. It’s a different side, since our live shows can be be so loud and energetic. We like to also show the songs in a more simplified, pure form.”

Instead of planning out an elaborate recording process, the EP developed naturally.

“The opportunity kind of presented itself. We were in New York, sort of celebrating the release of our record and playing a show up there, a private intimate thing at our label’s office,” said Thomson. “We recorded it without any huge intentions.”

The EP consists of songs from Mountains Beaches Cities, all reworked and recorded live.

“The fun thing for me is just approaching it in a new way. We’re not working with a full drum set, we’re not working with effects pedals, said lead singer Trevor Terndrup. “We’re just working with six old strings and maybe a banjo or two.”

Acoustic on West 56th is set for release on Tuesday, Dec. 17. Listen to the EP in its entirety in the player below.

This stream is no longer available.

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