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Watch Downton Abbey's Super Nintendo Game Parody

January 29, 2013  |  11:30am
Watch <i>Downton Abbey</i>'s Super Nintendo Game Parody

Photo via Comcast and PBS

With the current obsession over the British drama Downton Abbey, we just have one question. How is Downton Abbey not a video game already? There are Downton cookbooks, themed kitchen utensils and even 1000-piece puzzles.

While you ponder and lament that sad cultural oversight, we’ve got just the right video to console you, especially after this week’s episode.

YouTuber Bill Kiley created a video parody of Downton Abbey, that shows how he imagines the drama would look as a Super Nintendo game, as pointed out by BBC America.

You can watch the video below, but only after you successfully fluff all the pillows at Downton, footman.

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