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Watch This Pope-Inspired House of Cards Spoof

March 6, 2013  |  2:00pm
Watch This Pope-Inspired <i>House of Cards</i> Spoof

“Welcome to conclave.”

What happens when you cross the pontifical politics of Pope Benedict XVI’s recent abdication with the decidedly secular intrigue of Netflix’s House of Cards?

You get a hilarious, totally irreverent 2-minute House of Cards spoof called House of Cardinals.

According to Slate, you can thank Jon Deutsch and Ross Cohen for writing and directing the House of Cards video parody.

And after recent appearances in popular television shows like Bones and Mad Men, Tony Pasqualini stars in this spoof as Cardinal Francis Underwood, a parody of Kevin Spacey’s starring role of the same name in House of Cards, according to the video’s YouTube page.

You can watch the House of Cardinals video below.

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