William Shatner Ponders Life's Mysteries in New Music Video

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If you haven’t heard, William Shatner has another album coming out, and yes, it’s already shaping up to be completely weird. With the help of Yes guitarist Billy Sherwood, Shatner recently put out a music video to promote “Ponder the Mystery,” the title track of his new prog-rock opus.

The video features a sharply dressed Shatner wondering around aimlessly while the video bombards viewers with rapid-fire images of natural phenomena. Among Shatner’s best non sequiturs include “the details of the devil and angelic purity,” “the solitude of selfishness and the community of generosity” and “the heaven of celibacy.” Shatnerian, to say the least.

If we had to put a little context to Shatner’s new material, Ponder the Mystery probably falls somewhere between Intravenus de Milo and Shark Sandwich. You can buy the album now courtesy of Cleopatra Records.