Graphic Artist Explains Why You Shouldn't Move to Austin After SXSW

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With South by Southwest (SXSW) just under two months away, the City of Austin, Texas is busily preparing for a reverse-gold rush of sorts that brought $218.2 million into the city’s economy last year by way of an estimated 285,000 total attendants.

Understandably, not everybody in Austin, which Forbes listed as the fastest-growing city in the United States just last year, is totally thrilled about this massive incursion and the potential new residents that SXSW attracts—who come for the music and tacos and stay…forever.

Etsy entrepreneur and graphic artist Kammie Russel is just the latest to get in on the “please don’t move here” campaign. Russel’s slick “Austin Sucks” infographic poster captures every con of moving to the Live Music Capital of the World, from the traffic and complete lack of public transportation to the incomparably awful summer heat and equally oppressive, judgmental hipsters.

Check out the poster below or click here to purchase your very own: