Jimmy Kimmel Gets People to React to the State of the Union Before It Even Happened

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While the citizens of other, less efficient countries might increase their civic engagement by reading a paper or watching the news, Americans know that the best way to stay informed is to wildly bluff your way through subjects you know nothing about. So when Jimmy Kimmel Live! asked passersby what they thought of President Obama’s State of the Union address yesterday, the show was able to gather a number of impassioned critiques—despite the fact the actual speech wouldn’t air for several hours.

Whether asked about the address’s supposed product placement or Obama’s mid-speech heart attack, men-on-the-street were happy to provide their own reactions and vivid, totally fabricated descriptions of the event. In their defense, some of the interviewees eventually came clean, admitting they had only seen part of the non-existent speech. The whole segment is worth a watch, if only to catch Live!’s exclusive coverage of Obama’s imaginary “weird tie.”