Watch an Extra-Sultry Alison Brie Read Craigslist Missed Connections on Kimmel

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It’s February, which means single people across America are scrambling to find a date before the Feast of Saint Valentine, more colloquially known as St. Sulky’s Contemplate-Your-Morality Day. Some of these people, sadly, will turn to the Missed Connections section on Craigslist, where Internet Romeos can reach out to strangers they failed to seduce with alluring bus ride stares.

Luckily for them, Jimmy Kimmel and Community’s Alison Brie teamed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to bring a little romance to their creepy, subliterate come-ons. With just a little mood lighting, a little saxophone and one of TV’s hottest stars, the duo proved that even the sleaziest craigslist post could be, well, still pretty creepy, actually. Check out the clip, and see what’s quite possibly the sexiest line read of “seven-layer dip” in television history.