Calexico - 11/20/08 - Pontiac, MI

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Greg is one of those people that has an infinite amount of knowledge about music and art and loves sharing with others. In 1998, John and I first met him while opening for the Dirty Three and he opened his house for us to stay, took us to breakfast and record shopping. We talk over dinner served at the venue and then he, Volker and I head for coffee across the street.

At the Cafe someone is watching a black and white French movie while waiting for a friend. Is that Godard? Lots of driving shots thought 1950s France.

We head back into the night and are surprised at the evening's exuberance at the show. The crowd starts yelling things like "smash your guitar" and "take it off." Toward the end of the night a girl hops up onstage to help sing backups for "Victor Jara's Hands." The bouncer is watching and I nod that all is ok. Thanks, Pontiac!