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Sasquatch 2008: Day 2

May 26, 2008  |  11:30am

The early hours of Day 2 were less than stellar, but not for lack of talent. To quote the legendary Milli Vanilli, "Blame it on the rain." Although the drops fell for much of the first part of the day, the music played on, ultimately winning out over the weather.


Talk about perfect music for gloomy conditions. 65daysofstatic attacked the threatening clouds with a vicious post-rock wallop. Heavily recommended for fans of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky.


Giving big props to their Pacific Northwest home, Blue Scholars rocked the Sasquatch! stage with a one-MC-one-DJ dynamic. If I hadn't seen it for myself, I would've been convinced there was a massive crew up there.

8ColdWarKids.jpgWatching Cold War Kids on stage is what I imagine watching a young E Street Band was like, if only in terms of camaraderie. Guys are tackled at the legs while playing their instruments, only to fall over, stumble and continue playing. It's a entertaining spectacle, much like the Kids' tunes.

Enough ink has already been spilled on these pages about White Rabbits, but it should be noted that the band unveiled an epic new song called "The Foxhunter." Great, energetic, percussive stuff, as usual.

Much like 65 Days of Staic perfectly scratched that nasty weather itch, Sera Cahoone effortlessly fulfilled the relaxing afternoon fix. Her rustic Americana, replete with banjo, pedal steel and more was robust, quaint and thoroughly satisfying.


It's times like these you realize Death Cab for Cutie... Actually, see Modest Mouse. 


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