CMJ 2008: PasteMD's guide to CMJitis

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You suddenly think Pabst Blue Ribbon tastes delicious. You mistake Crystal Stilts for Crystal Castles and accuse both of ripping off the Galaga soundtrack.
You stop correcting your mother every time she asks how the "country music jams" are going. You enjoy Cheeseburger for their musical prowess and insightful lyrics. You plan a trip to check out Janelle Monae's paintings at MOMA. You set Brooklyn Vegan as your homepage. You are dragged outside by security after requesting pony rides from both Foals and An Horse. You buy a label maker and charge your friends for badges to each room in your apartment, and then apologize profusely and tell them every thing's sold out.If you found yourself nodding in sympathy at three or more of these, looks like you've got it bad. Take two aspirin, listen to some John Tesh, find some friends to dump your free tote bags on and call us in the morning.