by:Larm - Oslo, Norway - Day Two

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by:Larm - Oslo, Norway - Day Two
Pictured: Jenny Wilson. Photos by Andrew Lee.

It stopped snowing today, so after a full day of sightseeing, I ventured into the slush to check out some Swedish acts. 

First up was cutesy singer/songwriter Maia Hirasawa. Her acoustic set wasn't world-changing, but her mellow piano songs pleased the sap in me.


Dancey rock band Parken has already made a name for itself in Sweden, and they were quite a hit in Oslo tonight. Small club Mono had to reject fans at the door, and even during soundcheck, the floor was shaking and beers were spilling.

But tonight's highlight was most definitely the glamorous artist to watch Jenny Wilson, an edgy singer/songwriter signed to The Knife's Rabid Records. She packed the large festival tent and put on a fabulous show. But what impressed me the most was her ability to pull off this awful gold dress:

And for those of you who don't care about Jenny Wilson, don't know how you ended up here, and just want to see the Cutest Baby in the World...I give you ELENA. I met her in the mountains today:

Takk and goodnight!