Paste's Holiday Gift Guide for Kids and Babies

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Paste's Holiday Gift Guide for Kids and Babies

We've got Santa covered with the following gifts for kids and babies:

1. No Monsters Allowed Print, $20
This well designed print might help your kid sleep at night.

2. Money Savvy Pig, $17
A twist on the standard piggy bank, this one has compartments for saving, spending, donating and investing.

3. Stella McCartney for Gap Long Cardigan, $68
Because there's nothing cuter than a little kid running around looking like a grownup.

4. Robot Alphabet Poster, $40
Robots seem to be popping up all over kids' toys and clothing. This poster would look cute in a baby's room.

5. Giraffe Hand Puppet, $32
I love Anthropologie's sweet children's items. They also have a walrus and a monkey.

6. Peel and Stick Chalkboard Panels, $15.25
Simply stick one of these panels on the wall, and your kid can have all the fun without the hassle of chalkboard paint.

7. John Brown: His Fight For Freedom, $12.89
This bio of abolitionist John Brown is the latest from reliable kids-book writer and illustrator John Hendrix.

8. UpDVD, $19
It must be satisfying to buy a kids DVD that you actually want to watch.

9. Foam croquet set, $39
Croquet is a pretty cool hobby. And since this set is made from foam, kids can play with it inside and outside.

10. Wild Planet Spy Gear $60
When I was a kid, we held cups up to doors and peeped through keyholes. Nowadays ids can use their headsets, ear buds and LCD viewing screens to spy on their brothers and sisters.