Top 10 NES Games of All Time

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10. Gradius [Konami] - 1986

10-Gradius-Konami.pngCollecting the power-up pellets and pimping out your little spaceship provided the irresistible hook. Once you got three rows of lasers firing, your robotic foes stood little chance.

9. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse [Konami] - 1990

9-Castlevania3-Konami.jpgThe Belmont clan had a frustrating existence with Dracula continually springing back to life after getting killed in the previous installment. Players, however, were more than happy to go vampire hunting again and again. The third installment pulled different playable characters into the mix and breathed new life into a popular young franchise.

8. R.C. Pro AM [Rare] - 1988

8-RCProAm-Rare.pngSkidding around corners and blasting cars ahead of you with little missiles provided hours of enjoyment. Way more fun than real remote-control cars, which never seemed to be equipped with missile capabilities.

7. Mega Man 2 [Capcom] - 1989

7-MegaMan2-Capcom.jpgDespite sporting some of the most notoriously awful box art in NES history (see above), the Mega Man series was a revelation to everyone who played it. Defeating Robot Masters and absorbing their unique super powers—why didn’t somebody come up with this idea sooner?

6. Bionic Commando [Capcom] - 1988

6-BionicCommando-Cacom.pngI loved the bionic arm with built-in grappling gun. I loved swinging across pits and shooting Nazis with little green pellets. Also, the hero’s name was Radd Spencer, which may be the name of my first son, if I can talk my wife into getting onboard.