10 Funniest Twitterers: Comedians Worth Following on Twitter

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10 Funniest Twitterers: Comedians Worth Following on Twitter
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10. Aziz Ansari - azizansari
Best recent tweet: Pickup line you can use tonight: "Excuse me, did anyone ever tell you you look like an African American version of Jennifer Aniston?"
Runner-up:DAMNIT. NBC has also passed on my made for TV Bobby Jindal biopic. Apparently, I "don't look like Bobby Jindal and no one cares about him."

9. Tim Siedell - badbanana
Best recent tweet: A man ate broccoli at T.G.I.Friday's. Yes, he also found a snake head, but that story was plenty gross enough already.
Runner-up:I'm hoping for a Paul Simon kind of day. Short and pleasant enough. None of that Garfunkel crap.

8. Rob Huebel - robhuebel
Best recent tweet: Not to sound racist but why can't older Korean ladies skateboard better? It's not that hard.
Runner-up:I will fight any child today under the age of 14. You name the place. No parents. No nut-shots.

7. Paul Scheer - paulscheer
Best recent tweet: Just found out Dr. Dre isn't a real doctor, now I understand why he botched my hernia operation.
Runner-up:From Variety: JJ Abrams to reboot the McDonald's franchise, We'll find out how Ronald met Mayor McCheese and where the Fry Guys come from.

6. John Hodgman - hodgman
Best recent tweet: On plane. Sspotted second family with masks. They are all grouped around my seat. || Maybe they would be less concerned if I hadn't vomited all over myself. Sorry worrywarts. I'm not changing my airplane rituals for you!
Runner-up:You win this time. But I promise you: this shall be your PENULTIMATE WIN. so enjoy it while it lasts. And the next one.

5. Eugene Mirman - EugeneMirman
Best recent tweet: Mother's Day is a good day to thank mothers, but it's also a great time to party, because most mothers are distracted. I have unused charact
Runner-up:I wonder if there are any vintage shops near where JFK was shot, that way I could see history and get a cool bag.

4. Rob Corddry - robcorddry
Best recent tweet: I just took the "Who are You on Lost" quiz. I'm the odd looking extra that looked right into the camera two weeks ago.
Runner-up:We all have at least one friend who we suspect may be a serial killer, right? Mine is @robhuebel #followfriday

3. Jim Gaffigan - jimgaffigan
Best recent tweet: Ever seen someone on a unicycle and not wanted to push them over?
Runner-up:What if we found out you got swine flu from NOT eating bacon?

2. Michael Ian Black - michaelianblack
Best recent tweet: Saw a NY license plate with the following number: "1." I pulled alongside and was disappointed the driver was neither Elvis nor Jesus.
Runner-up:All these women are writing to me bitching about "making ONE baby." You never hear men complain about making HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of sperm.

1. Stephen Colbert - StephenAtHome
Best recent tweet: personally i like the discover card rewards program. if you can find a business that takes discover card, you get a free airplane
Runner-up:hope god watched the show. i prayed pretty awesome tonight

Let me know who else is worth following in the comments. I'm on Twitter @ joshjackson.