Gossip Girl's Best Musical Moments

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<em>Gossip Girl's</em> Best Musical Moments
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And there are many such Victor Fleming-esque moments. Despite its fluff, Gossip Girl has all the trappings of a classic. There's a reason references to Shakespeare, Edith Wharton and Jane Austin pop up constantly; the Chuck-Blair-Dan-Serena-Nate plotlines go way back. Take this one: boy is socially inferior to girl and works his way to the top for her attention. Thank you, Mr. Dickens. Or how about this one: tortured narcissist falls for free spirit, but she wants to play it safe with the neighbor-boy next door. A nod to Ms. Bronte. This is the class-embroiled stuff the greats are made of, and though GG's brand of social commentary might be more suited to The View than New York Times, it makes for a damn fine soap. With maestro Schwartz at the helm, we're sure to get a symphony that befits such an epic. In honor of the spin-off pilot, "Valley Girls" airing tonight, and the upcoming GG finale, here are some of the musical moments from the Upper East Side that sweep us off our feet.

1. Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" in Pilot