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Mika Miko's List of Lists
We Be XuxaPaste

10 Reasons Why Mika Miko's We Be Xuxa is Better Than Your Favorite Record of the Year
1. Because not one song is about the beach but we live in beach side mansions.
2. Because Seth showcases his washboard playing abilities.
3. Because the cover picture was originally deleted and we had to go pay $40 to recover the photos.
4. Because it was recorded in a lame town aka Costa Mesa but at the coolest place aka The Distillery.
5. Because the soundboard We Be Xuxa was recorded and mixed with, once belonged to Ike Turner.
6. Because we wrote it in a month.
7. Because Wavves likes it. (not confirmed)
8. Because it's on PPM.
9. Because the vinyl version includes the answer to a long kept secret.
10. Because it's only 22 minutes long.

10 Reasons Why You Should See Mika Miko Live
1. Because gay boys love to get naked at our shows.
2. Because there are 3 Capricorns, 1 Leo, and 1 Sagittarius.
3. Because we are even better live.
4. Because you can bring your kid with you to see us.
5. Because you can bring your mom with you to see us.
6. Because you will have so much fun.
7. Because Cali will take your photo.
8. Because No Age will be there.
9. Because you can't get bored cuz we play really short.
10. Because you can try and steal our merch.

10 Reasons Why Mika Miko Loves You
1. Because you cared enough to read this list.
2. Because we like pizza and you probably like pizza, too.
3. Because you probably have a dog, a cat or a chinchilla.
4. Because you think the smell is cool.
5. Because we are not haters.
6. Because you would never steal our merch.
7. Because this list is getting boring and you're still reading it.
8. Because you'll buy us booze.
9. Because you promise not to stop when I say when.
10. Because you'll be the person to kill me.

Mika Miko will be on tour throughout June and July.