10 Magazines to Follow on Twitter

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10 Magazines to Follow on Twitter
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In no particular order, here are my recommendations for 10 Magazines to Follow on Twitter:

1. Wired (@wired)
A paean to human achievement, especially when that achievement involves building a $10,000, fully functional R2-D2.
Best recent Tweet: Beautiful garbage (rendered by a sculptor, depicted in a photo gallery): http://tinyurl.com/mho4qn
Runner-up: Q: How many helium balloons would it take to lift a house? A: http://is.gd/Jht5

2. Good (@GOODfeed)
A magazine about all things, well... good—as in admirable and philanthropic. But it's also good as in badass.
Best recent Tweet:You Stay Classy, G. Gordon Liddy http://ow.ly/aqiw
Runner-up: World’s Best Trash Cans Come to Philly http://ow.ly/9Kop

3. The Week (@TheWeekMagazine)
With the tagline, "All You Need To Know About Everything That Matters," this is a brand made for the Twitterverse.
Best recent Tweet:In a recent survey, 80 percent of Britons said they "would choose a good night's sleep" over a night of sex http://digg.com/d1sOM3
Runner-up: Google Wave is what email would “look like if it were invented today” http://digg.com/d1sNpF

4. National Geographic (@NatGeoSociety)
The National Geographic Society is much more than a magazine, but then again, aren't we all these days? When they say "Coolest thing you'll see today," they mean it.
Best recent Tweet:Coolest thing you'll see today: monster-sized creatures that are the stuff of legend http://ow.ly/aouS
Runner-up: nostalgic for nudibranchs, neatest little creatures you'll see all day http://ow.ly/9Tkp - my fave: Chromodoris, what's yours?

5. Harper's (@harpers)
At the time of the magazine's founding in 1850, 140 characters couldn't buy you a good leeching. Harper's strength, though, is that it still prints long, thoughtful features and essays. These Twitter links are to shorter, but equally provoking stories.
Best recent Tweet:KEN SILVERSTEIN—Congressman Cantor and Cockfighting http://tinyurl.com/mqfg2r
Runner-up: KEN SILVERSTEIN—Math for Ambassadors: London Sells for $500,000 http://tinyurl.com/lssb8k

6. Utne Reader (@UtneReader)
What I love about magazines in general is what I love about The Utne Reader in particular—to constantly be surprised by the completely unexpected story. The Twitter feed is a stream of those surprises.
Best recent Tweet:A thoroughly modern music box. So very cool. http://bit.ly/TQS6u
Runner-up: In search of the elusive Caucasian spinach http://bit.ly/13KdAF

7. Draft (@draft)
There are more than a few beer magazines out there, and several reflect a passion for beer that I share. But Draft also reflects a passion for magazines that I share. It's a beautifully executed publication that I'm just getting to know.
Best recent Tweet:Thief’s Bud Light mask fails http://bit.ly/qKYvT
Runner-up: Raising beer taxes to pay for… hockey? http://bit.ly/h5HdW

8. Under the Radar (@Under_Radar_Mag)
The second best music magazine in the U.S. (OK, I'm a little biased towards the first), Under the Radar covers the hell out of the indie music scene.
Best recent Tweet:Mingus Ah Um [Legacy Edition]: Charles Mingus was one prolific motherfucker in jazz's greatest year. That Februa.. http://tinyurl.com/kobw6n
Runner-up: The Open Door EP: Before they hit the big time and had money coming out of their ears, Death Cab For Cutie toure.. http://tinyurl.com/pddt26

9. Urb (@urbmag)
Forget The Source and XXL. Raymond Roker's beautifully designed publication covers the best hip-hop and electronica.
Best recent Tweet:Smooth Sailin' - Yacht Rock Putting The Hard On In Chardonnay http://tinyurl.com/ly3gs7
Runner-up: Mad multi culti fists in the air right now. Give it up for Black Star.

10. The New Yorkerest (@newyorkerest)
OK, San Francisco-based New Yorkerest isn't actually a magazine, but a blogger who links to "just the one can't-miss piece from each issue of The New Yorker. All because we know you're really busy. And because we're really nice." Brilliant.
Best recent Tweet:The March 30 issue has pieces by both David Sedaris and Woody Allen! I hope this doesn't mess with the space-time continuum.
As far as I can remember, this is the first time a fellow twitterer has won best of issue. Congratulations @sashafrerejones

Let me know who else is worth following in the comments. I'm on Twitter @ joshjackson.