Fifteen Reasons to Love Conan O'Brien

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Fifteen Reasons to Love Conan O'Brien

In yesterday’s list of the day, we explored Conan O’Brien’s fearless skewerings of NBC.

Today, we continue to celebrate our favorite late-night host, as he endures a royal screwing at the hands of his embattled network. It seems almost certain now that O’Brien will have no choice but to walk away from his dream job of hosting The Tonight Show. And we can’t help but wonder, WTF?! How can NBC be so stupid?!

Here are 15 reasons they should’ve had his back from the jump; 15 reasons we love Conan O’Brien.

1. His deft use of b- and c-level celebrities.


2. His creative risk-taking.

The Masturbating Bear

Pimp Bot 5000


3. His integrity and sense of fairness


4. His ability to recognize fine literature, and his skills with an M-16.