Seven Valentine's Day Gifts to Buy Yourself from Etsy

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Maybe you think it's a crock. Maybe you think it's the ultimate opportunity for romance. Maybe you say you think it's a crock but you actually think it's the ultimate opportunity for romance. Maybe you say it's the ultimate opportunity for romance but secretly, deep down, you're afraid it's a crock! Maybe you don't care at all! Regardless, there's one thing you can say about Valentine's Day: It's a day. And like any other day, you should be nice to yourself, no matter the strange flurry of chocolates and roses and grand gestures that happen to be consuming the world for this 24-hour-period. Whether you're in love or hate or couldn't-care-less, do something today that makes you happy—and if you think that something might involve buying some vintage or handmade goods from the fine folks at Etsy, here are a few vaguely Valentiney suggestions.

Love plate from Ninainvorm, $60.00

Haiti benefit letterpress print from SycamoreStreetPress, $25.00

I Heart You pill box from NataliesNest, $3.00

Vintage costume illustration (morality and biblical) from DaisyChainVintage, $5.00

Oversized postcard from YeeHaw, $13.00

State necklaces from Truche, $50.00

60s wedding couple photo from VintageFunland, $5.99