Eight Things to Remember for SXSW 2010

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Eight Things to Remember for SXSW 2010
Updated: March 14, 2010Dear Past Self,Thank you for battling the sweet allure of sleep in your own bed to write me this note last year. I've got the shoe situation under control (Keds power, activate!) but may well have otherwise forgotten what my favorite burger was at Hut's. I think I am even going to republish the list so that the rest of the internet can benefit from your foresight.Oh, by the way, the rest of 2010 is kinda going to suck, but you'll live!Hugs & kisses,Your Past Self---Kanye decided to show up this timethe learning curve of your first year

No really, don't wear new shoes.
And don't wear old shoes if they're not comfortable. Hopefully you went to buy some good tennis shoes after you wrote this so that they're all nice and perfectly broken in by next year. Please don't make this mistake three years running.

Sunscreen is a good thing.
And sunburn is bad. And lanyard tans are not sexy.

Go to a show at Central Presbyterian Church already.
The sound is beautiful and, though your desire to do this will be considerably lessened by your very comfortable and supportive shoes, there are places to sit down.

Get off of Sixth Street more often.
Remember, Nobunny's show at Scoot Inn was creepy as all get out but not nearly as horrific as the Captain Morgan mascot and his booty-shaking entourage and their God-awful, Fall Out Boy-blasting boom box.

Actually pick up your Fader Fort wristband.
Stand in that needlessly long line, peruse the overpriced denim, snag some free beer and ride the unicorns with Zach Condon or whatever else they have going on in there.

Continue to enjoy not having wasted your money on an iPhone...
If AT&T gets their on-site network under control, and if someone develops an app that will allow you to nap and see bands at the same time, you will consider remorse. Consider.

Hope the pedestrian bridge hasn't been deemed too pedestrian...
...and go to a secret show there.

Go to Hut's again, and get Mel's No. 2 again.
Best. Burger. Ever.