Five Sci-Fi Megacorporations I Don't Want to Work For

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4. Aperture Science, Inc. (Portal)
The Company: Ever the second fiddle to Black Mesa, Aperture Science rose from being a humble shower curtain manufacturing plant to the premiere worldwide purveyor of dimension-hopping technology.
Perks: Cake, if you can find it.
Job Security: If you’re told to assume the Party Escort Submission Position, you may or may not find yourself joining your Companion Cube.

5. Cyberdine Systems Corp. (The Terminator)
The Company: Located in beautiful Sunnydale, Ca., Cyberdine is America’s most advanced electronics and cybernetics defense agency.
Perks: Thanks to Cyberdine, the management of America’s military is essentially on autopilot. The ultimate stress-free work zone!
Job Security: Word on the stock trading circuit is that their Special Projects Division is currently working on the international cyber-security system to end all international cyber-security systems. Something about integrating our defense network into one massive, all-encompassing A.I.-controlled grid. What could possibly go wrong?