Fourteen Great Father's Day Gifts from Etsy

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Fourteen Great Father's Day Gifts from Etsy
Chances are, your dad watched you bestow gifts from Etsy upon your mom and your graduating siblings in recent weeks with a gracious smile, but deep down you know he was burning with envy. Luckily, Father's Day is right around the corner! You have to dig a little deeper on Etsy to find dad-friendly wares, but it's worth the effort. Here are fourteen of our favorites (including a few nice cards, if your pop's more a fan of hardware-store giftcards or concert tickets than handmade and vintage swag).

Letterpress card, $4.00 by floraandfauna


Shaving mug, $10.00 from jessjamesjake


Custom sterling silver map cufflinks, $38.00 by tomatomade


Handmade leather journal, $28.00 by peaseblossomstudio


Card, $4.00 by ableandgame


Federal cocktail mixing glass, $16.00 from jaditekate


Hand-pulled letterpress print, $50.00 by YeeHaw