Variations on a Theme: The Seven Faces of Michael Cera

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4. The Satirist (Impossible is the Opposite of Possible / Drunk History)
A good part of Cera’s fame comes from the tremendous amount of good will he’s generated among his fans through a couple of hilarious viral videos. If the thought of Michael Cera in period costume is hilarious—with super-inebriated overdubbed narration to boot—have we got a treat for you:

5. The Leading Man (Juno / Superbad)
By the time these two movies were released, it was becoming increasingly obvious that Cera’s schtick was mostly derived from riffing on his oh-so-awkward character from Arrested Development. But these two flicks represented a turning point, inasmuch as they were the first time that Cera fully assumed the role of the leading man:

6. The Lover (Paper Hearts)
Michael Cera is a fumbling, hesitant, precocious guy in his late-teens/early-twenties who just doesn’t understand women. And then suddenly, magically, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl emerges to shock him from his self-aware stupor and show him what a joy life really is. Yeah, this is about where Cera started to get a little bit predictable, but he was saved by dint of this film’s sheer adorableness:

7. The Hero (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)
Michael Cera: action hero? It may very well happen with the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this summer. As the titular slacker-extraordinaire, Cera has to defeat his paramour’s seven evil ex-boyfriends with his combination of fisticuffs and comic book superpowers. Vaguely (actually, it’s not really vague) sexist premise aside, it’s going to be awesome to see Cera have a lightsaber battle with Jason Schwartzmann:

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