Ten Bands We'd Really Love to See Reunited

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Ten Bands We'd Really Love to See Reunited

Last weekend, The Libertines played their first show together since 2004 at the Reading and Leeds festivals in England. The performances have been getting positive reviews, which got us thinking: If Pete Doherty and Carl Barat can put aside their differences, why can’t some of our other favorite groups bury the hatchet?

Thus, we give you the ten reunions we dream about at night. Where’s Aamer Haleem when you need him?

10. Harlem Shakes
Why: Because nothing’s worse than a band teasing us with a killer debut and then promptly disappearing forever.
Could it happen?: Not likely. Guitarist Todd Goldstein told Paste last year that a reunion just didn’t make sense. “Everyone wanted different things—which, in some cases, involved giving music up altogether—and the center just couldn’t hold,” he said. “How do you continue playing in a band when no one wants to tour anymore? It just doesn’t work, and it felt like a waste of everyone’s time to continue.”

9. The Misfits
Why: Horror-punk pioneers. Go ahead and try to keep from rocking out while you listen to “Last Caress.”
Could it happen?: Doubtful. Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Robo have retained the rights to the Misfits name, and former guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein blames Only for preventing a reunion with singer Glenn Danzig from happening.

8. The Unicorns
Why: This Canadian indie outfit was just starting to hit it big when the stresses of touring became too much to bear.
Could it happen?: Never say never. Nicholas Thorburn and Jamie Thompson collaborated in Islands until Thompson left the group in 2006. Alden Penner, meanwhile, has kept busy as a member of Clues. Who knows? Maybe now that the trio has more experience with life on the road, they’ll be open to a reconciliation.

7. New Order

Why: We’ll give you ten reasons.
Could it happen?: Not in the near future, at least. Singer Bernard Sumner and guitarist Phil Cunningham have a new project called Bad Lieutenants, and last July Sumner told Mojo, “I don’t want to make music as a part of New Order.”

6. The Postal Service
Why: This duo technically is just on hiatus, but we think it’s high time for Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello to get cracking on that second record.
Could it happen?: Yes, but be patient. Gibbard told Rolling Stone in 2008 that he wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to put out a new Postal Service record, saying, “There never really was a plan to do a second album. We work from time to time together but we have other things that take up all of our time.”