Fifteen Songs About Birthdays

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Fifteen Songs About Birthdays

Have you noticed your wallet’s a little lighter this time of year? Been spending an awful lot on birthday presents lately, perhaps?

Maybe it’s because we’re roughly nine months past Valentine’s Day, but it seems like everyone we know was born during the same two-week period. To celebrate, we’ve compiled 15 of our favorite songs about birthdays. Might we suggest going the homemade route and making a few mix CDs of these for those b-day guys and gals? Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

15. Loretta Lynn — “Happy Birthday”

Loretta tells her cheating man she’s had it, wishing him a pre-emptive happy birthday on her way out. As she says, “My best wishes may be early, but I’m not sticking around / to bake you a cake for your birthday while you’re out runnin’ around.”

14. Sufjan Stevens — “Happy Birthday”

This track off of Stevens’ first album A Sun Came lends itself perfectly to the quieter, intimate moments on your birthday, like breakfast in bed with the one you love.

13. The Sugarcubes — “Birthday”

This song by some of our favorite Icelanders may not exactly be about cake and ice cream, but we don’t care. Björk delivers a powerhouse vocal performance.

12. Michael Jackson — “Lisa It’s Your Birthday”

While Jackson recorded this version for his season three appearance on The Simpsons, it never actually made it to air. The King of Pop wanted to play a joke on his brothers, so he requested that a soundalike be used to fool everyone.

11. Ween — “Birthday Boy”

Fuzzy guitars. A sample of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes.” A bunch of awkward voicemails. What more could you want for your birthday?

10. The Crests — “16 Candles”

This doo-wop classic is a must for when you’re turning the big 1-6. It’s also nice for when your whole family forgets your birthday and that dreamboat Jake Ryan doesn’t even know you exist.

9. The Tune Weavers — “Happy Happy Birthday Baby”

The Tune Weavers had their only hit with this 1958 track, which has since been covered by the likes of Wanda Jackson, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, and The Four Seasons.