Our 10 Favorite Moments from Archer

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Our 10 Favorite Moments from <em>Archer</em>

FX’s breakout spy-comedy Archer airs its second season’s finale next Thursday. In honor of the occasion, ranging from character catchphrases to running gags to singular bits of awesome, we have collected 10 of our favorite moments from the show’s first two seasons.

10. Sterling’s Burt Reynolds Obsession
Episode: “The Rock” (1.8) and “Pipeline Fever” (2.4)

Sterling Archer has a number of obsessions: booze, women, tactical turtlenecks (see below). But there’s one that shows up again and again: Burt Reynolds. First seen when quoting Deliverance late in Season One, Sterling steps up to full-on Reynolds channeling in Season Two’s “Pipeline Fever.” It’s cool though; he’s got an airboat.

9. The Tactileneck
Episode: Multiple

What is the one item no trained field agent can handle a mission without? If your name is Sterling Archer, it’s a now-famous black turtleneck—err—tactileneck. Form-fitting, lightweight and stealth-assisting, the tactileneck is the go-to top for the agent on the move. Now available in Dark-Black and Slightly-Darker-Black.

8. Pam Snaps on Malory
Episode: “El Secuestro” (2.10)

So it turns out that the glue-eating, name-changing, choking-enthusiast Cheryl/Carol is actually worth something in the vicinity of half a billion dollars. It comes as no surprise then when she’s nearly kidnapped, narrowly avoiding abduction when the kidnappers take Pam instead by accident. Pam’s internment reveals three things: One, Pam is a former bare-knuckle boxing champion who can take a hell of a beating. Two, Malory is only willing to pay $5,000 to have Pam released. Three, Nobody wants a piece of Pam. Nobody.

We couldn’t find a video of the incident, but we think this image will be haunting enough.

7. There’s No Sink in here!
Episode: “A Going Concern” (2.2)

When engaging in a breaking-and-entering of his mother’s desk, Sterling has a fateful encounter with something that “there’s not enough liquor and therapy in the world to undo.”

Episode: “Stage Two” (2.8)

A behind-the-scenes look at the voice of Pam shows the hilarity that went into crafting a tender moment between Pam, “the sturdy bisexual,” and her doublefisting of bear claws. Jump to the two-minute mark for the cream-filled pastry action.