Our 10 Favorite Moments from Archer

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5. The Virus
Episode: “Tragical History” (2.6)

Cyril accidental unleashes a seemingly harmless virus on the ISIS computer network, infecting everything—the information hard drives, the satellite uplinks, even my phone (I may or may not have made it my ringtone.) Hilarity ensues.

4. Yuuup! and Nope!
Episode: Multiple

Lana’s catchphrase throughout the show. Voiced by Aisha Tyler, her answers, whether positive or negative, are always hilarious.

3. Your Authority is Not Recognized in Fort Kickass
Episode: “Skorpio” (1.6)

The ISIS team needs help solving a problem (read: is drunk and trying to screw with Cyril’s relationship) but Krieger isn’t having it. This episode is what made Krieger my favorite of the supporting characters. Remember: “The secret ingredient…is phone.”

2. The History of Woodhouse
Episode: “The Double Deuce” (2.5)

Episode Five of Archer’s second season explores the backstory of Sterling’s beleaguered butler Woodhouse, revealing him to have been not only a member of the 22nd division of the Royal Air Force, but also the one responsible for raising Sterling from infancy. While in the “Double Deuce,” as his squadron was called, his—erm—friendship with Captain Reginald was torn asunder with Reggie’s untimely death, sparking a killing rampage from Woodhouse more skillful than Sterling at even his most totally ninja.

1. Call Kenny Loggins Cause You’re in the…
Episode Multiple

Strangely (and sadly) absent from the second season, Sterling’s catchphrase throughout the first deals with Lana’s apparent obsession with him, and how that puts her in the…DANGA ZONE!