The 100 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011

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The 100 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011

Twitter crossed the 100 million active Twitter count this year, and we searched through all of them (okay, it only felt like that) to come up with our 100 favorite Twitter accounts. Our bias towards music and comedy is obvious throughout. Here are the 100 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011:

NolteMug.jpg100. Nick Nolte’s Mugshot – @Nick_Nolte
Twitter Bio: Aw, hell. (not affil w/the real Nick Nolte)
Followers: 36k
Best Recent Tweet: Just beat the shit out of a Macy’s nutcracker display. Not my fault, sumbitch looked like a redcoat.
In 140 characters: Even crazier than actual Nick Nolte.

errol.jpg99. Errol Morris – @errolmorris
Twitter Bio: writer, filmmaker, something else maybe…
Followers: 26k
Best Recent Tweet: There is a word for schadenfreude in English; it’s “schadenfreude”.
In 140 characters: Pioneering documentarian asks the big questions in the little format.

popcandy.jpg98. Whitney Matheson – @popcandy
Twitter Bio: I am a pale, curious, sneaker-wearing writer.
Followers: 24k
Best Recent Tweet: Last night I dreamed Meg White (from The White Stripes) stole all my bras and hid them. Analyze THAT. Or don’t.
In 140 characters: Matheson blogs about all things pop culture for USA Today.

diablo.jpg97. Diablo Cody – @diablocody
Twitter Bio: Pariah
Followers: 315k
Best Recent Tweet: Remember that weird Pepsi commercial where Bob Dole implied that Britney Spears had given him a hard-on?
In 140 characters: Screenwriter for Juno and Young Adult is funny and exceedingly frank.

BobDylan.jpg96. Bob Dylan Says – @BobDylanSays
Twitter Bio: Every Bob Dylan song line-by-line. 1 line/hr until all have been tweeted. After each song BobDylanSays-bot chooses next 1 at random.
Followers: 26k
Best Recent Tweet: She looked into my soul through the clothes that I wore
In 140 characters: Who needs a fake Twitter account when we have the words of Mr. Zimmerman in Twitter form. Unfortunately, the bot seems to have finished.

felicia.jpg95. Felicia Day – @feliciaday
Twitter Bio: Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people’s time.
Followers: 1.8m
Best Recent Tweet: Anyone do the cannibal questlines in Skyrim? How does that effect your character? (I ate human skin for alchemy so I’m almost there anyway)
In 140 characters: Geek princess and Paste cover girl keeps the conversation going on gaming and web TV.

samuel.png94. Samuel L. Jackson – @SamuelLJackson SamuelLJackson
Twitter Bio:
Followers: 416k
Best Recent Tweet: Hanging with that Colbert mahfakka, he wears a lot of wigs too
In 140 characters: Who knew there were so many ways to spell “motherfuckers?”

esquire.jpg93. Esquire – @EsquireMag
Twitter Bio: Man at His Best
Followers: 80k
Best Recent Tweet: Apropos of nothing, Donder is the most underrated reindeer.
In 140 characters: Plenty from the magazine, but also rules for men, links to other sites and pearls of random wisdom.

preschool.jpg92. Preschool Gems – @preschoolgems

Twitter Bio: Love. Death. Magic. From the mouths of babes fall gems. I catch them and put them here. (Image from preschoolgems at gmail dot com
Followers: 102k
Best Recent Tweet: “Just spit me into kindergarten.”
In 140 characters: Kids say the darndest things.

mates.jpg91. Mates of State – @MatesOfState
Twitter Bio: music
Followers: 8k
Best Recent Tweet: People don’t like surprises when they’re dancing.
In 140 characters: Charming musical duo share married life on the road.

nph.jpg90. Neil Patrick Harris – @ActuallyNPH
Twitter Bio: I act some. Dig variety acts, Pixar, puppets, theme parks and great meals.
Followers: 2.2m
Best Recent Tweet: Long day Christmas shopping. The shopping centers were slammed! Well, you know what they say: ”’Tis the season to be mall-y”.
In 140 characters: Kind of the opposite of Barney on Twitter.

harmon.jpg89. Dan Harmon – @DanHarmon
Twitter Bio: Inoperative dealer of mass opiate for West Coast Peacocks. Rating: n/a Weaknesses: vitamin D deficiency, Ketel One efficiency, Unearned Scissorhands complex
Followers: 86k
Best Recent Tweet: We can’t even get Horrible Ratings Comfort Beverages because Glee is shooting in our coffee shop. #BestServedPipingHot
In 140 characters: He created Community and that’s good enough for us.

every_tweet_ever.jpg88. Every Tweet Ever – @EveryTweet_Ever
Twitter Bio: Pretty much every tweet you have already seen and will ever see. All of you could stand to be a little more creative.
Followers: 8k
Best Recent Tweet: Kim Jong-Il joke that was bad 12 hours ago.
In 140 characters: There were 29,700,500,268 tweets posted as of June. This sums up most of them.

rules.jpg87. The Rules – @TheRules
Twitter Bio: Your daily dose of The Rules. In no particular order. Also on Facebook
Followers: 9k
Best Recent Tweet: Rule No. 832: Head cheese contains no cheese. You’ll only make this mistake once.
In 140 characters: Rules to live by.

markesmith.png86. Fake Mark E Smith – @mark_e_smith mark_e_smith
Twitter Bio: Not him-uh. Just me-uh.
Followers: 931
Best Recent Tweet: And I feel like Alan Minter-uh. I just ate 8 sheets of blotting paper-uh. And I tripped out on the Alka Seltzer-uh.
In 140 characters: Kind of one-note-uh, but still makes us crack up-uh.

scott.jpg85. Scott Weinberg – @scottEweinberg
Twitter Bio: Editor / Film Critic for Twitch, FEARnet and — Wise-ass. Film Geek. Cat lover. I tweet a lot; tease me and I’ll ignore it.
Followers: 10k
Best Recent Tweet: Sweet. I have him in my fantasy league. RT @THR: Turner Ups David Wolkis to VP Production
In 140 characters: A movie junkie shares his many, many opinions.

petepassport.PNG84. Pete Cashmore – @mashable
Twitter Bio: The largest independent news source covering web culture, social media and tech. Updates from @mashable staff. Tweet @mashablehq for questions and comments.
Followers: 2.6m
Best Recent Tweet: Samsung’s Anti-Apple Campaign Appears to Be Working –
In 140 characters: All things social media.

betty.jpg83. Betty F*ckin’ White – @BettyFckinWhite
Twitter Bio: I’m Betty F*ckin’ White, Yo! Not really, seriously I’m not Betty.
Followers: 84k
Best Recent Tweet: Today would be Mark Twain’s 176 birthday. We dated briefly in high school. I taught him the “whitewash the fence” position.
In 140 characters: We can only hope the hilarious Betty White would approve.

craig.jpg82. Craig Finn – @steadycraig
Twitter Bio: yeah, sure.
Followers: 3k
Best Recent Tweet: I wrote a bit about the making of my upcoming solo album. Looking forward to the January 24 release. Here:
In 140 characters: The Hold Steady singer tweets about baseball and music, in that order.

wilw.jpg81. Wil Wheaton – @wilw
Twitter Bio: I’m just this guy, you know?
Followers: 1.9m
Best Recent Tweet: I have to wear fancy clothes to a #BigBangTheory party tonight, and I can’t find my d20 cuff links. #NerdWorldProblems
In 140 characters: Star Trek:TNG child star stays relevant.

chrisjones.jpg80. Chris Jones – @MySecondEmpire
Twitter Bio: I’m a writer for Esquire and the back-page columnist for ESPN: The Magazine. I’m also a big fan of The Three B’s: bacon, books, and bourbon.
Followers: 9k
Best Recent Tweet: Just smelled my hands and wondered when I’d put them inside a cheese-filled hockey bag. Then I remembered: Burger King.
In 140 characters: Writer of long things and short.

ThatIsAll.jpg79. John Hodgman – @hodgman
Twitter Bio: THAT IS ALL, a book of FINAL WORLD KNOWLEDGE, will be published on 11/1/11.
Followers: 665k
Best Recent Tweet: I wanted to stick my scrapple in @CraigyFerg ’s TARDIS, but it didn’t come up naturally in the conversation.
In 140 characters: Only everything you ever need to know.

whitegrlpr.jpg78. White Girl Problems – @whitegrlproblem
Twitter Bio: White Girl Problems by Babe Walker —- Out January 31, 2012 Read a Sample Chapter on my blog:
Followers: 556k
Best Recent Tweet: Is there a surgery that will make me a ballet dancer? #whitegirlproblemswhitegirlpr.jpg
In 140 characters: Babe Walker feels their pain.

aimee.jpg77. Aimee Mann – @AimeeMann
Twitter Bio: Oscar loser, singer/songwriter, wanna-be musical writer.
Followers: 41k
Best Recent Tweet: @JenKirkman I love you! And I will write you the saddest, finger-picked Elliot-Smith sounding song you’ve ever heard in your life.
In 140 characters: Watching her perform, I’d always imagined Aimee Mann as an introvert, but on Twitter, she’s the center of the party.

kasey.jpg76. Kasey Anderson
Update: This Twitter account has been deleted
Twitter Bio: I am neither a picker, a grinner, a lover, nor a sinner. I try to keep my music out of the sun.
Followers: 14k
Best Recent Tweet: Dear Proactiv: Jettison all other spokespeople. Hire Snoop Dogg. Change slogan to, “Pimples ain’t easy.” Mail me check for $5,000,000.
In 140 characters: The Portland roots rocker has a band called The Honkies, and a well-used Twitter account.

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